Collect the proceeds of your settlement

SettlementCollect provides you access to up to 80% of the equity in your properties sale up to 60 days in advance without the stress, delays or arduous application process a traditional lender may put you through.

Same day funding
No credit mark or enquiry
No application fee
Clear and manageable once off credit fee

Collect your settlement in minutes!

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Unlock your settlement in 3 steps

Provide us

  • Mortgage statement of property sold
  • Contract for sale of property sold
  • How much you'd like to collect in advance of settlement

We will

  • Review your documents within the hour
  • Provide you with our fee and deed to execute
  • Deliver your funds directly to you to be used how you require

At settlement

  • Your settlement agent repays your advance to SettlementCollect
  • You're issued with full remittance for repayment and agreement is finalised
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At Realty Assist we're here to help you unlock the proceeds of your sale sooner. Whether the funds are required for a removalist, last minute house works, deposit of your next purchase or even to simply buy a boat we can assist you. To understand how we operate and differ from a traditional lender simply reach out to us below.

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  • Professionalism
    Dylan Halliday

    Love the assistance of Realty Assist. Great team with the client and agencies both in mind with everything they do.

  • Quality
    Sarah Boyle

    Realty Assist took the stress out of having to pay any upfront marketing costs when selling my property and was all handled at settlement without fuss.

  • Professionalism

    Thank you Shaun at Realty Assist! I could not have sold my home without your professional and friendly help. Every step was smooth and successful. Could not give a higher recommendation! Best company.

  • Professionalism
    Brian Marley

    Very helpful.