Assist your clients with unlocking their settlement funds

And we will assist you via our generous incentive program.

You've built your reputation from assisting your clients to meet their individual and unique finance requirements. Collecting settlement funds prior to formal settlement isn't always easy, but it is often very valuable in property market conditions like today.

RealtyAssist provides your clients with access of up to 80% of the equity in their properties sale in advance without the stress, delays, or an arduous application process a traditional lender may put you through.

And we have an incentive program that we are sure you will find more than fair for referring your customers to us.

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Apply For Settlement Brokers (RealtyAssist)

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How does it work?

Your client's house is under offer and proceeding to settlement.

You or your client request a settlement advance on RealtyAssist's portal.

We review the information required.

We review the information and provide an answer within 1 business day.

Our Difference

Same Day Funding

Your clients will get their settlement funds within one business day of applying.

No Credit Mark or Enquiry

We do not require a credit check on your clients history.

No Application Fee

Unlike banks, we will not charge you an application or admin fee.

Once-off Credit Fee

Simply pay a once-off credit fee of 3.49% of your advance amount for the first 60 days.*

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Our Difference
Peter Gonzalez Finance Broker

RealtyAssist helped my client out a real jam with its Settlement product. The funds were released fast, and rate was more than fair. Would recommended every day of the week.

Advance Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate your customers fees
Loan Amount The value you want to advance
Number of days advanced The number of days the funds is to be advanced for
Customers Fee*

*The above calculator is to be used as a guide only. RealtyAssist will provide formal pricing for all customers of Settlement Advances by way of a formal agreement (deed) prior to funds being released.

Why use RealtyAssist?

Traditional Lenders
No Credit Check
No Application Fee
Once-off Credit Fee
Same Day Pre-Approval
Funds Within 48 Hours

Customer Stories


James sold his property on a Tuesday and wished to attend an auction on the upcoming Saturday to purchase his new property. Unfortunately, the banks advised a wait time of approximately 14 days to get a bridging loan in place. This would mean James would miss out on the auction and perhaps buying his next home.

With RealtyAssist, James advanced $88,000 from his sales settlement and was able to bid at the auction. He was successful in winning the auction.

James got the home he wanted and got the funds in his account within 15 minutes of his application for a small fee of just $3,695.


Helen was looking to purchase in an over 55's. Retired and equity rich but cash poor, she was unable to service a loan for the deposit to make the purchase into the new property.

RealtyAssist was able to help with the entire purchase price of $260,000 and Helen settled on her new place before she settled on her sale. The sold home settled two weeks after she was already happy in her new home.

RealtyAssist Loan Expert

We’re here to help

Our loan assessment experts are available for a phone or in-person consultation to discuss all applications. We will work collaboratively to provide the lowest rate for our product based on your client's circumstances and requirements.

* Interest on overdue amounts will be charged at a rate of 1.5% of the outstanding amount payable on the 61st day and then every 30 days after the due date.