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Is Spring the Best Time to Sell?

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It’s no secret that COVID has had a dramatic impact on people’s confidence to either buy or
sell a property in Australia at the moment. The uncertainty around lockdowns and other
restrictions has seen a dampening of real estate activity in the last 18 months.

And yet, recent CoreLogic data suggests that much of Australia is set for a promising spring
selling season. Not only has every Australian capital city seen a rise in the amount of new
listings over the last few weeks, but buyers seem to be increasingly eager despite some
lingering apprehension among vendors.

Given that older property listings have continued to sell faster than new listings have
appeared to replace them, it makes sense that we’re seeing more demand than supply at
the moment. Obviously, these are optimal conditions for sellers.

However, buyers have a reason to be optimistic too, as the number of listings is likely to
continue rising as various states begin emerging from lockdowns. The recently eased
restrictions on property inspections in Melbourne, for example, have no doubt played a role
in heightened activity.

Real estate trends suggest cause for optimism this spring 2021

While the spring selling season still very much depends on where you happen to be located
in Australia, this increase in listings should hopefully lighten up some of the urgency and
provide welcome relief for vendors, buyers and real estate professionals alike.

With the spring selling season off to a more positive start than previously predicted, now is
the time to start preparing your property to go to market. It takes time to execute the many
tasks associated with selling your property; such as renovations, conducting repairs and
maintenance, preparing your home for staging and so on.

Of course, selling a house also requires money for things like:

  • Marketing fees
  • Search costs
  • Discharge of mortgage
  • Post-settlement rates and taxes
  • Agent’s fees
  • Conveyancer’s fees
  • Moving costs
  • Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Garden maintenance, and so on

Take advantage of the spring 2021 real estate trends, with Realty Assist

If you’re eager to get your property on the market for the spring selling season but need
assistance preparing it for market, RealtyAssist can help. Aside from closely monitoring
Australian real estate market trends in spring and throughout the year, we provide the real
estate sector with a variety of services to make life easier for our members.

These services include assistance with cash flow, conversion of listings as well as tenancy
lease applications through the use of our funds advancing model for various stakeholders in
all types of residential real estate transactions.

With over 50 years’ combined experience within the real estate industry, our team
understands the challenges that agents and agencies alike face in day-to-day business. We
are dedicated to providing solutions to the most common obstacles that the industry and its
members face.

To speak with us about our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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